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Check here all news about our Render Farm. We inform you about updates, patches and fixes.

Softimage 2011

Januar 18th 2011: Autodesk Softimage 2011.5 Support (Beta)

REBUSfarm now supports the Version 2011.5 of Autodesk Softimage.

REBUSfarm also supports single frame rendering of Autodesk Softimage with Mental Ray (Distributed Rendering). 800 cores will be used to calculate your single frame.


Juanuar 07th 2011: VrayC4D Update

Vray for Cinema 4D has been updated to Version

modo 501

Januar 06th, 2011: REBUSfarm supports modo 501

From now on REBUSfarm supports Luxology modo 501. Furthermore we support the older version 401 of the software.

REBUSfarm goes 4200 GHz

December 15th 2010: REBUSfarm upgrades to 4200 GHz Computing Power

REBUSfarm extends its machine pool by 70 Dual XEON E5620 (2.40 GHz) with 16 GB RAM. These 140 XEON Quad-Core processors represent the best Intel CPUs currently on the market. The large RAM of 16 GB protects your render-projects from time- and cost-consuming temporary storage on the hard disc drive (swapping).

Altogether our service now offers 4200 GHz (4.2 THz) or an equivalent to 420 fast Core i7 PCs, which makes it the most powerful service of its kind worldwide.

Feel free to test our system. Just create a new account and use the 10 EUR free trial.

V-Ray 2.0 for MAX

December 15th 2010: V-Ray 2.0 for 3D Studio MAX supported !!!

REBUSfarm now supports the long awaited 2.0 release of the well-known software V-Ray for 3D Studio MAX.

V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max, which officially started on the market at 6th December 2010, comes with significant new feature additions and lots of improvements that enable faster feedback and final results. Go to the website of Chaosgroup for a complete list of the new features.

Maxwell Render 2.5

Decemcer 15th, 2010: Maxwell Render 2.5 support announced

From now on REBUSfarm supports Maxwell Render in its newest version 2.5. Of course we are still supporting the older version 2.0 and 1.7.1 as well.

The REBUSfarm is fully licensed and by far the biggest rendering service for Maxwell Render, so your Maxwell project can take advantage of the full power of the farm, meaning 4200 GHz or 210 render clients with Dual XEON boards. That is an equivalent to 420 fast Core i7 PCs for Cinema 4D

13.09.2010 for Maxon Cinema 4D

LaubLab supplies Rebusfarm with the innovative Import / Export Plugin "". Nurbs models created with Rhino can now be imported to Cinema and rendered with Rebusfarm directly.

More Information can be found at

Cinema 4D R12 and VrayC4D 1.2.5 Update

September 09th 2010: Maxon Cinema 4D R12 and VrayC4D 1.2.5 Update

REBUSfarm now also supports the Version 12 of Cinema 4D. As always, we continue the maintenance of the older versions of the application.

Furthermore Vray for Cinema 4D has been updated to VrayforC4D 1.2.5.

57.633 kg CO2 saved in 2009

July 17th 2010: REBUSfarm saved 57.633 kg CO2 in 2009

Despite our unbeatable prices, we took care of our responsibility to the environment. From our energy partner we receive green power of 100% renewable energy and achieved 57,633 kg of CO
2 per year. This is our and our clients contribution to climate protection

This effect is comparable to the climate protection of 2882 trees.

For confirmation see here.

Maya and V-Ray

July 16th 2010: Maya and V-Ray

REBUSfarm now supports - as the one and only legal render farm - the render engine V-Ray from Chaosgroup with Autodesk Maya.

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